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Dryer vent cleaning is extremely important and your dryer vents should be cleaned more frequently than your air ducts. 

The main problem with your dryer vent is the accumulated heat when your dryer is in operation. As the fibers and lint build up in your vents, they pose a fire risk. When your dryer is running, the heat builds up, and there is a chance that a fire can start. 

If you need your vent cleaned, then give us a call today and we will put your mind at ease. 

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Do I Really Need Dryer Vent Cleaning?

We are not going to scare you into having your dryer vent cleaned, but the truth is that they do pose a fire risk, especially is your vents are old. 

Even with the best lint trap, small fibers are still going to make their way into your vent and become trapped. As the heat builds, it does not take much for these fibers to become too hot and catch fire. 

We recommend cleaning out your dryer vent every year, though you may want to do it more often if you notice that the dryer gets exceptionally hot when used, there is a burning smell, debris have accumulated around the dryer vent, or your clothes are taking longer to dry.

Give us a call and our experts will be put on the case. 

3 Reasons
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At Racine Air Duct Cleaning, our goal is to clean air vents and provide homes in the Racine area with the highest air quality while staying inside from the Racine County many different types of weather.

Reasons why you should choose us:

1. With decades of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to dryer vents.
2. Unlike many contractors, we actually answer the phone and always act professional.
3. We’re not done until your vents are spitting out the cleanest air.

How Often Should Dryer Vent Cleaning Be Done?

Dryer vents should be cleaned out once a year, but that is only if you are using your dryer a regular amount. If you are using your dryer a lot, then you might want to clean it more frequently. 

One of our sales experts can help answer all of your questions. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning Benefits

Reduce the Risk of Fire

We can’t emphasize this enough. Failure to clean out your dryer vent poses a fire risk. When you combine flammable material with high heat, it is a recipe for disaster. 

It does not matter if your dryer is new or old, the risk is still the same. Of course, you dramatically increase that risk if you do not use a lint trap, and, if you have older dryer vents, then you increase your risk of a fire spreading. 

Thankfully, cleaning out a dryer vent is an easy task (most of the time) and, while you will have to pay to have it done professionally, your safety, along with the safety of those around you, is worth the cost. Many buildings have been destroyed by dryer fires, but yours need not be one of them. 

Money Saved

When you reduce airflow, the energy needed to move the air through a vent increases. If this happens with your dryer, then it is only going to cost you more money. Having your vents cleaned will decrease your utility bill. 

Dryers are notorious for using a lot of energy. When a vent is blocked, the dryer motor has to work harder to push the air, and the motor is also subjected to more heat. If this strain is continuous, your motor is eventually going to break down, and you are going to need to pay for a repair. 

Keeping your vents clear will only save you money. 

Faster Drying Clothes

When your dryer vents are dirty, the air cannot be moved efficiently. This means that your dryer has to focus more on pushing the air than drying your clothes, and dryers are not very good at multitasking. 

As the efficiency of the motor decreases, your clothes will take longer and longer to dry. Not only is this a nuisance (you have to wait longer for your clothes), but it also increases the amount of energy that your dryer needs. As it runs for longer, your utility bill starts to creep up. 

When your dryer starts to take so long to dry your clothes that it is quicker to hang your clothes out to dry, you know that it is time to have the vents cleaned. 

Undamaged Clothing

When dryers are strained (usually by the vents being blocked), they cannot efficiently clean your clothes. This can lead to some real problems when your clothes finally come out of the dryer. 

Dryers are meant to dry clothes quickly. The longer that your clothes are in the dryer, the more damage can be done to them. The mixture of heat and moisture is not good for most fabrics over a prolonged period. If the vents are blocked, it also means that the lint has nowhere to go, and you end up with more lint on your clothes. 

You deserve to look your best. If your clothes are becoming ragged, your dryer vents may be the cause. Give us a call, and protect your favorite outfits. 

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Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

Our experts are trained in dryer vent cleaning. With knowledge of small and large systems and professional equipment, we only provide you with the best service. 

After you have arranged a cleaning with our sales staff, our technicians will arrive ready to get the job done. After locating the vents and ducts, they will detach the dryer and any external covers. 

Our field technicians will use our heavy-duty equipment to clean the vents from one end to the other, removing any debris that has accumulated. When they are done, they will reattach everything and clean up any mess that has been created inside or outside of your home. 

After a test run to ensure that the dryer is venting, our experts will depart and let you get on with all of your drying needs. 

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